How a multiple sclerosis diagnosis became a wake up call instead of a death sentence.

When Jane owner of Mr Kipp and Little Jimmy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she embarked on a more natural lifestyle,  considering it a wake up call rather than a death sentence.

Here’s Jane’s story of how being diagnosed with what some would consider a debilitating disease was in fact life changing for the better.

Born and raised in Ballarat I led a relatively healthy, uneventful life until on my honeymoon
in 2005 I woke with a terrible headache and a blurry right eye. Pain relief just didn’t bring any
relief and I ended up driving home with just one working eye (My new husband sat beside
me with a broken leg!) Months later after still no relief, many doctors visits and tests I was
diagnosed with relapsing, remitting Multiple sclerosis…

At age 25 my Doctor said “Hey Jane, you can have these injections everyday! They will
suppress your immune system, so it will stop attacking your nerves.”…
I was in total denial and also because I was wanting to start a family I said “no thanks”
He said “In 10 years time you’ll have a 50% chance of developing full blown M.S where you’ll
gradually decline, end up in a wheelchair and have someone else wipe your but”
I said “Ahh No thanks”.

Jane said no thanks to medical intervention and began researching how she could improve her health.

So began my research into how I could bring my body back to a state of health. I immersed
myself in research and whilst exploring how to remove toxins from my life I came across the
toxins that are present in plastic toys….
At first I filed that away for a later date but three boys on that discovery has now become my
passion: to inspire Mum’s to reduce the plastic and toxins in their family’s lives.

Over the past 12 years between lots of hospital visits, trials and triumphs, trying many diets
from raw vegan to ketogenic, I cut out lots of plastic and switched to natural cleaners and
body products. I’ve tried to be positive (even when my husband had to leave work for 6
months to care for me and our 8 month old son). He has had to shower me sometimes but
I’ve always wiped my own but! I’ve used water filters and infrared saunas. I’ve had my
mercury fillings removed and drank 100’s of green smoothies. I’m now happy living in my
home among the gum trees, living a simple life.

I’m not claiming that I have cured my M.S but I have found that I am better able to control my
health, living a more natural lifestyle and plan on feeling better as I age. I am grateful for that
gift that came wrapped in sandpaper, a wakeup call rather than a death sentence.

Thanks so much Jane for sharing your story. I especially love how through all of this you developed a passion to help mums reduce to reduce toxins in their lives. So much so that she started an eco wooden toy business Mr Kipp and Little Jimmy giving access to all caregivers affordable quality wooden toys for hire or sale.

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