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Bec Hartnett - Founder

I believe that wellness is a goal achieved one small step at a time.

Welcome to the Eco and Us. I am delighted you are here.

My name is Bec Hartnett, and I believe that small steps in the right direction can make a BIG difference. As a mum, I am constantly striving to make better choices for the sake of my family’s health and wellbeing.

After battling for a long time with my own health issues, I realised that the “natural products” I had long been patronising weren’t natural at all, and not only that, they were having a serious, on-going impact on my health. I knew something had to change, but it didn’t really hit home until the day I welcomed my son into the world. I felt an enormous responsibility (as new parents do!) for giving my little human the best possible start in life.

That was when my vigilance truly began into natural, eco-friendly, nasty chemical-free products.

What I discovered was pretty scary (*insert Mummy guilt emotion here*). There is definitely a lot of noise out there from fake “natural” brands. But I did learn was that through making simple conscious changes daily, we all can have a role in not only ensuring the wellbeing of our family’s health, but also for our environment.

And so, Eco and Us was born. We are a place to find all products and services ranging from real whole foods, green living, clothing, skincare, natural therapists and everything in between. We want to inspire and provide the resources that make it easy to
shop eco-friendly, natural brands, so families can start making small, conscious choices towards a healthier life.

Because after all, we are what we repeatedly do.


Sandy Cousens - Calm Body and Home

Sandy, Interior Designer and Wellness Advocate came to create CALM Body and Home through her own health journey, and that of her sons.

It was nearly 8 years ago that her surgeon told her that he believed toxic exposure was the reason why she ended up on his operating table.

So, over these last several years Sandy has been creating, making and passing on to loved ones her recipes and knowledge, and now feels it is the time to share what has worked for her and her family.

Sandy is a regular contributor in our Facebook Group - The Natural Living Community, where she does live videos, sharing her extensive knowledge on toxin free living.  

Em Pelle - Green Leaved Garden

Em Pelle owner of Green Leaved Garden, is passionate about all things gardening her specialities are succulents, indoor plants and terrariums. However you can also find her building a chook pen for her girls or teaching her son Flynn about growing veggies. In her spare time, Em also studies horticulrture and is generously sharing her knowledge in our Natural Living Facebook Group 

Meet the team

Renee Tilley - Paudha Healing

Emma Clohesy - Happy Hands Happy Heart

Jane McLeod - Mr Kipp and Little Jimmy

Laura Blockly Bare Beauty Essentials Eco and Us

Laura Blockley - Bare Beauty Essentials

Elizabeth Mitchell - Shekinah Glow

Caring for the earth is not a hippie thing - it's a survival thing.
The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.
Ernest Hemingway
The environment is everything that isn’t me
Albert Einstein