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Where we care just as much as you do about the health of your body and skin!

Bare Beauty was founded in February 2015 in Laura’s little humble kitchen. Both of us (Laura and Sarah) have cared about what products we put onto and into our bodies for as long as we have been friends (20 years!). Last Christmas we both decided to stop reading labels and worrying about what’s in what and make our very own products. Laura also has been suffering with endometriosis for many years and as part of her ‘take responsibility for your own health’ treatment plan, decided that making our own skin care would be a great benefit. She was right and is very passionate about encouraging people to treat their body kindly so it can heal like hers has.

Simple and pure were the ideals we had in mind – hence we came up with the name Bare Beauty! (minimal ingredients, absolutely no chemicals) We make small regular batches of our products so you are always guaranteed to use fresh creams and balms rich with active nutrients for your skin that haven't been sitting on a store shelf or warehouse for months on end.

At Bare Beauty you can be sure what you are putting on your skin is pure and natural. We use only the finest most pure ingredients and source organic if possible. We care at bare!

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Our Favourite Products

Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder

Creamy Honey Face Wash

Skin Soothing Salve