Jules Galloway Naturopath

Jules Galloway Naturopath

Hi, my name is Jules Galloway and I’m a passionate naturopath on a mission to help you find your shine again.

Growing up in Melbourne, I was raised on Weet Bix, sliced bread, margarine, and low fat dairy products.

It wasn’t until my 20’s that an escalation in my health issues forced a full rethink of my eating habits and lifestyle. I began to cut down on gluten, dairy and sugar and learn about wholefoods. But I kept punishing my body in other ways. In my late 30’s a busy lifestyle, and a demanding “work hard, party hard” schedule took me to the brink of burnout.

Something had to change.

Cue – a move to Byron Bay. I learned to thrive for the first time in my life with a combination of healthy food, the right supplements, exercise, mindfulness, time in nature, and a HUGE dose of happiness.

I also dug deep to uncover the underlying causes of my health problems – pyrrole disorder (aka pyroluria), heavy metal toxicity, and a pesky MTHFR gene mutation thrown in for good measure. This gave me a super keen interest in functional medicine – a style of practice which includes pathology testing to find out what’s REALLY going on.

And now I want to share all that I’ve learned with you.

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