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At our apiary we manage our bees holistically, letting the girls do what they want, we don't use bee damaging Queen excludes and we don't move the hives chasing the flowering crops. Our honey is a true reflection of changing seasons and local Blue Mountains gardens.
We offer raw, unfiltered, cold-pressed honey rich in pollen.
Raw honey contains 22 amino-acids, 27 minerals, about 500 live enzymes and a wide spectrum of vitamins - all these contribute to a great immune system booster.

At our apiary we make all natural beeswax skin care products. Nina’s Bees Balms are lovingly handcrafted in small batches, using only the finest organic and/or cold pressed oils and our own beeswax. Our rich, 100% pure botanical &beeswax balms provide long lasting nourishment and protection, leaving your skin feeling silky and moisturized.

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Our Favourite Products

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