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My name is Liz Mitchell. My Husband and I co-own Shekinah Glow Organic and Mineral Makeup, which we started two years ago. Based out of Taree, we are proud to be an Australian made and owned cosmetic company. Shekinah Glow was birthed through a need for healthier options for makeup. We were needing to go beyond just sensitive skin problems, and beyond the Organic standards out there. We wanted our makeup to be free from irritants and cancer causing ingredients which are commonly found in makeup today. We also wanted to remove ingredients that would mess with the hormonal system of women and young girls.

We are passionate about providing healthy beauty products for mums while they are pregnant and breastfeeding. Currently I am a 3rd time mum with a 6 month old baby who I am breastfeeding. I can't tell you how good it is to be able to know that the makeup I am using is safe for me and my baby.

Even though there are other organic brands out there, we are trying to approach things with a different mindset. I have been battling a thyroid problem since my first daughter and so for a long time I could not use beauty products because of the hormone disrupters in the ingredients. There were not very many organic options for me at the time. Over the years I have sought out other natural and organic products but have found them lacking, even the organic ones. There are ingredients that are accepted by the organic standard that we do not like and will not use, so in that respect we are going above the Organic standards.

Our tag line is Shekinah Glow wants you to be Healthy - Happy - Beautiful. Healthy - Happy - Beautiful was put in that order for a reason. We believe that being healthy first is the most important thing and that your makeup should not be harmful to your body, or your daughter's or your baby's. We all know that when we are healthy we are happy. We have energy and life, and the after affect of that, is where your true beauty comes from. You will find your Glow there.

We have so many products that we want to make and release that are better and healthier options for people out there. This year we hope will bring many more great products to our customers. As our support grows, so will our line.

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