How a toxic fumed so called eco-friendly home led to a thriving healthy business

Since started Eco and Us I can honestly say that I am truly blessed to have met so many inspiring women who are so passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. Sandy, owner of Calm Body and Home, one of our featured businesses is one of these amazing women. 

Sandy recently shared her story  about how eight years ago her so called Eco-Friendly home made her and her family so sick, that she vowed to educate others on how NOT to do what she did and hence Calm Body and Home was born.

Here is Sandy’s story…

All about family

Sandy’s youngest son was born with chronic sleep apnoea; he had many ‘blue’ episodes when he fed, stopped breathing throughout the night and was generally unwell with acute middle ear and throat issues. He had surgery at 11 months, which greatly improved his ‘episodes’ and she found herself only monitoring him 6-8 times per night until he was around 3 years of age.


 At this same time, her elder son at age six, got pneumonia and suffered quite a severe febrile convulsion. This rocked their world even further as the doctors were concerned of a brain tumour.

During this period, Sandy’s husband got made redundant, resulting in them having no choice but to sell their beloved home.

In order to sell their home some renovations were required. Having been involved in the interior decorating field for 14 years Sandy was proud of her sound knowledge of the latest market products.  However, this is where her ‘real’ health journey started.

Eco-friendly renovations

To be environmentally conscious and to protect her family from allergies, Sandy installed bamboo flooring and allergy-friendly carpets.  On the day of installation, Sandy specifically asked the installers not to use any glues as her children were so young. Unfortunately, she ‘left them to it’ and returned to a home riddled with toxic fumes. That night they all had red, watery eyes, headaches and vomiting; strangely enough she thought we were just coming down with another bug.

Living in a toxic fumed factory

Just days later Sandy started haemorrhaging. This lasted for nine weeks. After undergoing surgery, Sandy’s doctor informed her that the only reason he could fathom for her bleeding was toxic exposure and likened it to that of working in a toxic fumed factory.

It then dawned on her; that the flooring installed and the subsequent glues. All the toxins in these so-called advertised ‘eco and family friendly’ products and what was used for installation, tipped her family’s health upside down not to mention the other toxic ingredients throughout her home. Understandably, the guilt she felt was overwhelming.

 Sandy returned home, grabbed garbage bags and proceeded to fill them with every undecipherable concoction that lived in her kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

And so the health research began

Over the last several years, Sandy and her sons have had a few health issues, which caused her to do a lot of research and further health investigations. It resulted in the diagnosis of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) a genetic mutation, which approximately 50% of the population have, but most aren’t aware as it isn’t commonly screened by general practitioners.  In a nutshell, MTHFR makes it difficult to get rid of toxins, hence the severe side effects Sandy and her family had whilst living in a toxic ‘Eco-Friendly’ home.

Calm Body and Home was created

Sandy’s passion for her family’s health coupled with her interest in design has led her to create CALM BODY AND HOME: where all products are designed and made with love, and ensure they help you DETOX and live a more TOXIC-FREE lifestyle.

Sandy also offers Interior Design Consultations both in person and via Skype to ensure that you not only choose products that you love but are also safe for your family.

 To view Sandy’s beautiful store and to enquire about booking a 1:1 Interior Design Package visit Calm Body and Home via our directory.



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