Start Here With Reusable Products

Reusable products – even thinking about the range available is enough to make your head spin. Start here with these 6!

One of the quickest ways to get started on your eco friendly journey is to replace disposable products around the home with reusable products. Disposable products tossed out everyday end up in landfill taking 100’s of years to disintegrate if at all. It is not sustainable and we can’t keep going on like this. Like many others, I have made a conscious effort to fill my home with reusable products to reduce our house hold waste.

  1. Calico bags and shopping baskets – we all know we should avoid saying yes to a plastic bag when we do our shopping – but do you? By using reusable material bags, such as calico bags or even baskets we can instantly help save the planet each time we shop.
  2. Avoid cling wrap and plastic containers – even if they are BPA free, as the replacement chemical has been found to be more harmful! – Instead, use glass or stainless steel containers. Plate covers or even plates themselves are great to keep food covered in the fridge. Browse through your local kitchen store to find an assortment of nifty products to replace your plastic items.
  3. Reusable coffee cups – a morning coffee on the way to work is a daily treat we all enjoy. But the disposable coffee cup is a treat the earth doesn’t! Save the planet and your hip pocket by making your own coffee each morning at home and taking it to work in a trendy, reusable coffee cup!
  4. Reusable menstrual products – Gaining in popularity, reusable menstrual products such as cups and fabric/cloths pads will reduce your household waste each month. Extreme perhaps, but I’ve heard that once you try the cups, you will never go back.
  5. Reusable nappies – Cloth nappies have come a long way from the white terry towelling nappies that were from yesteryear. The modern cloth nappy is fun, comfortable, easy to use and easy to wash!
  6. Digital Subscriptions – I love to enjoy a afternoon cuppa and a quiet moment to enjoy my favourite magazine. I now enjoy my favourite magazines via a digital subscription on my phone or iPad. Less paper wastage and I always have my magazine with me!

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